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A View Down East                                           Alkyd

    This fairly large alkyd (for me) was done for the 2001 Modern Marine Masters exhibition at The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport. The scene is similar to a view near Jonesport, Maine, but I have changed several things to help the composition and draw interest to specific areas. In the actual view, there was a dock at the location of the rocks by the shoreline on the left. On the right, I added a large tree as an element to contain the composition. The foreground was completely changed, and flowered bushes were added. I posed my scale model of the Maria Elena as the lobsterboat near the rocks, and added a lobsterman talking to two children on the rocks. These figures are less than 1/4" high. The painting took approximately four months to complete.

    "A View Down East" was featured in a step-by-step procedural essay in American Artist Magazine's November 2001 issue.


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