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Morehead '78                                              Alkyd

    Both figures in the foreground were posed by my Son Scott during 1978 when the guys wore their hair fairly long. His best friend Rusty Rollins is in the background walking toward the water with a net. There are actually seven figures in this painting, which is a panorama of the sound near Morehead City, North Carolina. A low bridge, which is no longer there, can be seen on the extreme right of the painting. This is one of the few alkyds I have done on stretched linen....most of my alkyds have been done on gessoed panels of masonite. However, I love the texture of the linen.
   An interesting aside to the day I received a letter from a woman who had seen this reproduced in a magazine. She asked me if she could have a copy because she thought it was her newly wed daughter and her husband on their honeymoon! Scott now has short hair.


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