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Snow At Currituck              Alkyd
Sometime ago I was asked to paint the Currituck Duck Hunting Club by one of the club members. The experience turned out to be one of those definitive moments for me. It was winter and this is the oldest duck hunting club in theUnited States. I sat in a hunting blind in the snow and watched white Whistling  Swans fly through the snow filled sky. White on white flying in from the Arctic. I saw a raft of them three quarters of a mile long on the water, pintails, canvasbacks, and redheads. I've never seen so many. There are 300 in this painting. Every night I about froze in my bed not realizing I was too stupid to turn on the electric blanket! I loved every moment. Unfortunately, the area is now over- developed and I worry about the birds.

This was the most popular painting at my 1991 twenty-year Retrospective at the SoutheasternCenter for Contemporary Art.


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