The Rig

"The Rig" Acrylic on Panel, 17, 1/2 " X 17, 1/2 " Framed

As I recall I bought the Canada Goose decoy featured in this painting in Beaufort, NC in the early 1970s. The shape of the decoy seems to indicate it may have been carved from a section of an old wooden boat mast. I was attracted to it because of the effects of age on the surface texture of the decoy. I am always looking for textures such as this to reproduce in a painting. I believe the painting was one of the first paintings I exhibited at The Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland. Several years later I won that festival's cover competition. This painting is one of the very few paintings that I have done in the Acrylic medium. I still own the old decoy and it sits in my studio to this day.



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